Roman Numerals and Bubbles…

Saturday evening …Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

My husband, Jim, came out of the woods. It had been a warm, rainy day with no wildlife moving. While sitting in his deer stand, he had read a book recommended to him by local surgeon, Dr. Robert J. Weedn.  Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. outlines a nutritional plan which has been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol, drop extra weight, prevent and even reverse heart disease.

Jim is an old school family practicioner (with a largely rural patient population) who still delivers babies and performs some surgery. As he related to me a brief overview of the book, he said he felt many of his patients could benefit from the diet, but that he couldn’t recommend it without first living it. He would begin Monday morning and continue until Christmas Eve. I was mildly suprised and considered the proposition for about two minutes before I voluteered to go through it with him.

My man is deeply thoughtful, very logical and practical. One close friend informed Jim his personality was that of Roman Numerals (guess who he called Bubbles).

He is never given to grandiose plans or statements. But his next declaration floored me…

“I want my patients to lose 10,000 pounds. And I want Stephens County to lose 100,000 pounds.”

Since that day, Jim has dropped 25 pounds and lowered his cholesterol 95 points. The cholesterol medication he used to take sits in the cupboard… unused and no longer necessary. My own cholesterol was never too high, but this new eating plan has brought me to the point of my hdl (happy cholesterol) being higher than my ldl (lousy cholesterol) and I am within 2.5 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight of 112.

Our hospital CEO, Board of Directors, and Chef, plus several other local physicians are supporting the effort. Many of these leaders have even taken on this new lifestyle. Our small town is experiencing the beginings of a small revolution. Jim has ordered and reordered copies of the book to supply them for his patients. Friends and patients are participating and taking back their health.

So many have asked for recipes, the adjustments we’ve made to accommodate our personal tastes, tips for success, supply sources... Hence, the reason for this blog.

Step into our kitchen, sit down at our table. Join in the conversation and see what’s cooking!

5 thoughts on “Roman Numerals and Bubbles…

  1. I really like your blog and thank you for the recipes! Where can I find the recipes for the other salads are your list? Met you both tonight at your presentation at Whole Foods in OKC. What an inspiration you both are! I will come to Duncan in the next few days to get the blood tests you recommend and try the menu at the Atrium Cafe. Hope you are able to change the lives of many people in Duncan. Again thank you!!

    • Weldon,
      We also enjoyed meeting you and hope you have much success with this new plan for your health! Thanks so much for your encouragement! Which salads are you interested in and I will post the recipes on the blog?

  2. I’m trying to drag my hubby into this food plan & need encouragement!! Where do you shop to find the fat free foods mentioned in the book? I’ve found Ezek. bread at Sunflower Mkt. in OKC but haven’t found the fat free corn chips that would really go great with salsa also would like to find fat free crackers. We are trying to eat more BEANS & we had lentil soup last night that turned out to taste fantastic. We are doing better with the salads but still like a little feta cheese mixed in. Guess it is making progress to have at least several meatless meals per wk.

    • Judy,
      I’m so glad you are trying this lifestyle! I hope you”ll stick with it… This nutrition plan has been the best thing for our health! Between the two of us we have lost 50 pounds! The first month is difficult, but gets easier as you progress through those first few weeks. We set an initial goal of being very strict the first month with a break for a day at the end of that month. I think looking forward to that helped us to be faithful. If you are not a cardiac patient, this may be the approach for you. As we saw such dramatic changes (my husband dropped his cholesterol 96 points and came off meds), as well as the change which occurred in our personal tastes, we didn’t want to “cheat”. Cravings which had previously ruled over us were gone.
      In reference to the products you want, ask the customer service department to special order for you. I do not use many pre-packaged foods and they seem to boost my grocery bill. I have found a cracker brand at Whole Foods called Mary’s Gone Crackers. Most of these are “E-Safe”. We use corn tortillas and broil them to crisp them for chips. The Mediterranean Market and Deli on May Avenue has whole wheat pita which is oil free… Our favorite! I cut it into wedges with a pizza cutter and sprinkle on garlic salt or powder and freshly grated lemon zest. We broil it and use it with salsa or fat free hummous. If you are not a cardiac patient, it’s great with
      guacamole, too!
      Beans and rice are staples for us too. We use them on our salads with salsa or fresh mango and red pepper over it all. Try cooking quinoa, chill it, and use it on your salads. It has a ton of protein and sticks with you!
      Thanks so much for your comments and questions… Hang in there and give us some updates as you are able.

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